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Sensory Gyms

A stimulating safe exercise space for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Our Sensory Gyms project offers a safe and fun environment in which to exercise for those with sensory needs and SEND.

With a combination of sensory integration and exercise equipment, our aim is to achieve an enjoyable physical activity experience.

Sensory Gyms launched in October 2023 with its first and currently only active Sensory Gym within Therapy Gyms at Holton Park, Hadleigh Road, CO7 6NN.

The activities included help to improve communication skills, social interaction, motor control, coordination and balance.

The Sensory Gyms also offer a space to spin, bounce, climb, play or relax in. 

Private slots or instructor led slots can be booked, siblings and health care teams are welcome.

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