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The Sensory Gym Launch

At the Holton Park Therapy Gym open on day on 30th September 2023, Making Fitness Accessible launched the Sensory Gym. The very first of its kind exercise and sensory room space with the goal to provide exercise opportunities to more people through varying strategies.

The sensory gym is a special space designed to provide individuals, particularly those with sensory processing challenges, a controlled environment for sensory play and exercise.

The benefits of sensory play and exercise in the sensory gym will be impactful, especially for people with sensory processing disorders or other developmental differences.

Funding and thanks

We would like to thank Suffolk Community Foundation for supporting this project with grant funding and Suffolk MP James Cartlidge for endorsing the project.

We would also like to thank Palmer & Partners 500 Club for supporting us with funding for providing instructor led sessions to beneficiaries.

Please contact us to find out about funded places on our project or private bookings

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