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Sensory Gyms: The Vision

We are planning something very special....

People with additional needs such as autism, learning disability, ADHD, or sensory processing disorder can struggle with their motor skills, communication, and social interactions. That's why Making Fitness Accessible are creating an opportunity for these individuals, providing a safe and therapeutic space for them.

This pilot project will capture data on the benefits of a Sensory Gym. What we believe will happen by combining sensory integration and opportunities for exercise is increased participation from our target community, fine and gross motor skill development, confidence boosting, fun activity and more.

In this blog post, let's explore the newest accessible fitness model - Sensory Gyms.

What is a Sensory Gym?

A sensory gym is a therapeutic space that provides sensory stimulation where individuals can engage their senses in various forms. The gym is designed to provide input to senses such as touch, movement, sight, sound, and smell. We have incorporated exercise equipment that caters to the unique physical fitness needs of each individual.

The goal of the sensory gym is to address physical and sensory development simultaneously.

The private facility is a safe space where children and adults who have neurodivergent differences or sensory processing issues can benefit from them.

How will the Sensory Gym Help People with Additional Needs?

Individuals with additional needs have a unique sensory profile, which means that their sensory input can be either under-reactive or over-reactive. Sensory gyms help create a balance by providing appropriate and adequate sensory input. In doing so, the individuals can have adequate responses that help with their behaviour, focus, and self-regulation. Also, engaging in physical exercise helps to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength, among others. The sensory gym focuses on every aspect of the individual's physical and sensory needs to create a holistic and therapeutic experience.

The image shows a design of the Sensory Gym. The design is a square room with blue, purple and orange walls. There is sensory and balance equipment visible.
Sensory Gym Design by Joanne Jeyes - Crocus Interior Design

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