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Making Fitness Accessible CIC: The Beginning

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

On November 29th 2022, Making Fitness Accessible CIC was incorporated as a not for profit organisation by opening directors Matt Brinkley, Paul Sargeant and Nigel Monk.

Making Fitness Accessible CIC was created to provide inclusive and accessible exercise opportunities to improve the physical and mental health of people who require adaptive or required needs to participate in physical activities. This includes but is not limited to people with disabilities, health conditions and older adults.

The support given includes:

  • Provision of safe and effective exercise groups in the community

  • Creating opportunities for accessible exercise spaces

  • Assistance to attend and complete a gym induction

  • Supporting fitness instructors to deliver inclusive exercise services.

There are barriers to participating in physical activities for many people due to the stigma generally attached to gyms and sports clubs. Making Fitness Accessible CIC is breaking these barriers by building the confidence for people of all backgrounds and abilities to attend physical activities, anywhere, anytime.

We will be supporting our beneficiaries to engage in physical activities in accessible indoor and outdoor sports and exercise venues, initially in the East of England.

The Making Fitness Accessible CIC offices will be located within the Therapy Gym at Holton Park which is set in the beautiful 'Constable' country on the Essex / Suffolk border.

The Therapy Gym is an accessible gym business operated by one of our founding directors Matt Brinkley.

The Making Fitness Accessible CIC logo (below) has be expertly created by founding director Paul Sargeant who holds a wealth of experience in design and visual creation.

The image is the Making Fitness Accessible CIC Logo. The icon is a blue circle within a green circle with 3 people icons to show a community.
Making Fitness Accessible CIC Logo

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