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The image shows the Find Your Active logo which is a red rectangle with FIND written on top of a purple rectangle with YOUR written on top of a blue arrow with ACTIVE written.
Find Your Active

We have a new project launching - Active Care Homes funded by Active Essex with 'Find Your Active'.

As we age, our bodies and minds tend to slow down, making it difficult for some older adults to engage in physical activities. Furthermore, for individuals with dementia, the challenges can be even more significant. Fortunately, Active Essex has funded a new exercise programme that is designed to make fitness accessible to residents living in care homes, including those with dementia. This new programme recognises the benefits of exercise for older adults and those with dementia, and has been designed to be suitable for all levels of fitness and cognitive abilities.

There are several benefits of exercise for older adults, including improving balance, flexibility, and strength. Regular exercise can also help reduce the risk of falls, improve sleep quality, and maintain a healthy weight. For individuals with dementia, exercise can also help improve cognitive function and memory. These benefits can be significant and can help improve the quality of life for seniors living in care homes.

The funded programme will take place across 5 care homes in Essex

  • Mistley Manor (Mistley)

  • Woodland View (Colchester)

  • Horkesley Manor (Colchester)

  • Halstead Hall (Halstead)

  • Cedars Place (Halstead)

One of the key components of the program is socialising. The exercises are done in groups, which allows participants to interact with others and form social connections. This is particularly important for individuals with dementia, who may be at risk of feeling isolated and lonely.

The exercises also incorporate music, which is known to have therapeutic benefits for individuals with dementia. Music has been shown to improve mood, reduce anxiety and agitation, and improve cognitive abilities. By incorporating music into the exercise programme, participants can benefit from the therapeutic effects of music while getting physically active.

Making Fitness Accessible aims to engage over 50 individuals within this 6-week project.

We hope to see more projects like this in the future to help keep seniors active and healthy throughout their golden years.

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